Audit Committee. The Audit Committee monitors the activities of the public accountant, which performs an audit of the Association and reports to the Executive Committee. The MBA Vice Chair serves as Chair of the Committee and selects additional members as needed.

The 2023-2024 Chair of the Audit Committee is Larry Barker, Machias Savings Bank.

Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee prepares a lineup of nominees for election to the Association offices and mails it to each member financial institution at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting. The Committee consists of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and three members, one from each of the three geographical groups. The President serves on the Committee in an advisory capacity with no vote.

Nominating Committee Roster


Bank Security Committee. The Bank Security Committee is responsible for ensuring that MBA’s member banks have the most up-to-date security information (e.g. cybercrime, data breaches, fraud and robbery) for the industry. Security issues often transcend business lines, and Security Committee members work closely with their peers in other industries.  Members are invited to participate in MBA’s Monthly Fraud Call.
Staff contact: Josh Steirman (
Bank Security Committee Roster

Collections Committee. The Collections Committee meets regularly to bring members up to date on regulations and practices related to collections, bankruptcy, and foreclosure. Meetings offer guest speakers and round table discussions on a variety of hot topics. Committee members are sometimes called on to testify before the Maine Legislature.
Staff contact: Josh Steirman (
Collections Committee Roster

Commercial Lending Committee. The Commercial Lending Committee brings commercial lending experts together for discussion of trends and practices. The agenda includes outside speakers, workshops and peer discussions on both commercial real estate and commercial loans to businesses.
Staff contact: Josh Steirman (
Commercial Lending Committee Roster

Compliance Committee. The Compliance Committee monitors regulatory changes in the industry. Its goals are to inform members of new regulations, recommend positions on proposed legislation, and provide a forum for discussing approaches to compliance.
Staff contact: Josh Steirman (
Compliance Committee Roster

Financial Management Committee.  The Financial Management Committee consists of chief financial officers who invite speakers to present information on new and critical issues in all areas of financial management.  The committee also spends time at each meeting in an informal round table discussion of issues that are of interest to members.
Staff contact: Liza Wells (
Financial Management Committee Roster

Human Resources Committee. The Human Resources Committee brings HR experts together for discussions on industry trends, regulatory changes and best practices. The agenda includes outside speakers and an opportunity to have peer discussions in a roundtable setting.
Staff contact: Marcia Ferguson (
Human Resources Committee Roster

Learning & Development Committee. Formerly known as the Training Coordinator’s Working Group, the Learning and Development Committee’s objective is to enhance MBA member banks’ ability to keep abreast of the rapidly changing training and education needs of the industry, and provide support to bank colleagues through professional development, roundtable discussions, and other systems for learning.
Staff contact: Elissa English (
Learning & Development Committee Roster

Legislative Committee. The Legislative Committee studies and recommends changes in the banking laws and in other state statutes affecting banks. On request, it assists the Association’s legislative agents, who are appointed by and answerable to the Executive Committee, in representing the Association at the Legislature and before committees of the Legislature or of Congress. All new legislation proposed by this committee is submitted in writing to member financial institutions, and only upon concurrence of a majority of member institutions, may the Association sponsor legislation.
Staff contact: Josh Steirman (
Legislative Committee Roster

Marketing & Communications Committee. The Marketing & Communications Committee has a twofold goal: promoting the banking industry in Maine and educating marketing and communications professionals at member banks. The Committee investigates activities that enhance the image of banks and banking, hears speakers that help members in their bank marketing efforts and advises the Association on potential joint marketing, PR and advertising.
Staff contacts: Elissa English (
Marketing & Communications Committee Roster

Operations & Systems Committee. The Operations & Systems Committee investigates all aspects of bank operations, including the following: systems & platforms, debit cards, online banking, mobile payments, ACH/Wire, and ATM.   As necessary, this committee plans and sponsors training sessions to investigate regulatory changes and works with other committees to help prevent all types of fraud against banks.  Members are invited to participate in MBA’s Monthly Fraud Call.
Staff contact: Josh Steirman (
Operations & Systems Committee Roster

Retail Banking Committee. The Retail Banking Committee oversees all aspects of retail administration and lending.  The Committee incorporates the previous Retail Lending Committee and Retail Administration WG members.  The areas of concentration include the following:  branch staffing, customer service, automation, new products/services and regulatory/legislative impacts on retail banking.
Staff contact: Josh Steirman (
Retail Banking Committee Roster

Technology & Cyber Committee. The Technology & Cyber Committee concentrates on network technology and infrastructure, cloud processing, cyber defense strategies, disaster recovery, and threats and vulnerabilities.  The Committee will work with other MBA committees to help prevent all types of fraud against banks.
Staff contact: Elissa English (
Technology & Cyber Committee Roster