The Maine Bankers Association partners with several different banking schools.  See below for more information on the school and their upcoming programs.


Barret School of Banking

A three-year program for banking professionals, Barret School of Banking offers an advanced graduate-level education. Over the course of the 3 year Barret Graduate School of Banking, students will receive 130+ hours of class instruction. Over the past 18 years or so, the School has created additional career-track programs in Ag Lending, Commercial Lending, HR Management, Understanding Bank Profitability, Bank Senior Management, Director Training, and Compliance.  They have also launched an industry leading podcast (Main Street Banking), developed quarterly Roundtables for our alumni and their banks, as well as developed our on-demand and hybrid-learning environment, the Barret Advanced Learning Platform.

Barret Graduate School: May 19-24, 2024
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New England School for Financial Studies

The New England School for Financial Studies provides banking professionals with the tools they need to manage effectively in today’s changing industry. An intensive two-year program of studies broadens the skills of supervisory personnel and trains them to make decisions that promote the profitability of the bank as a whole.

New England School for Financial Studies – May 19-25, 2024


Northern New England School of Banking

The Northern New England School is one of the oldest general banking schools in the country, dating back to 1953. The School is geared to supervisors, management trainees or junior officers, but is used by many banks more and more frequently to provide bankers who perform very specific tasks with a broad education about the many diverse operations of a bank. The general background training includes the essentials for an introductory school of bank management. The curriculum also focuses on areas of personal development such as self-motivation, adapting to change, and communication skills.

Northern New England School of Banking – October 21-25, 2024