Live Webinars – On-Demand Web Links with FREE CD Roms   Now you can listen on your electronic devices (i.e., iPad, iPhone, Android) with the Link/CD Rom option!  Instructions will be sent with your order.  Affordable Training – When and Where You Choose!

WEBINAR EVENTS AND REGISTRATION. MBA strives to offer an excellent monthly line-up of webinar topics and training. Each webinar will have a link that takes you to an informational brochure and registration form.  We now have our online program registration option which you can access from our home page. 

REMINDER:   If you have missed a live webinar, the On-Demand Web Link and FREE CD Rom option is still available to you for purchase!  The "Link" is available to any member of your bank or institution for 6 months following the "live" webinar.  Look for the archive webinars still available by clicking in the blue box to the right.

We have provided the most up-to-date schedule of the 2014 webinars for your planning purposes.  The informational brochures and monthly registration options will not be available until 30 days prior to the month's schedule and will be linked in the blue box to the right when available.

2014 Webinar Schedule by Date - Revised July 2014


October 2014 Webinars  
November 2014 Webinars  


On-Demand Links can be ordered within 6 months after the "live" webinar broadcast.  This archive option comes with a free CD Rom for the below:   

June 2014 Webinars
July 2014 Webinars 
August 2014 Webinars 
September 2014 Webinars

In our ongoing commitment to stay abreast of technology and deliver training programs  to our members, we offer the following registration options for our educational webinar seminars:

$220.00/Members    $320.00/Non-Members   1. LIVE WEBINAR. The LIVE WEBINAR registration option allows you to have (1) telephone connection for the audio portion and (1) internet connection (from a single computer terminal) to view online visuals as the presentation is delivered "live". You may have as many people as you like listen from your office speaker phone. Registrants receive a toll-free number and pass code that will allow entrance to the seminar. Each session is about 90 minutes and includes question and answer sessions. Seminar materials with hookup instructions are sent via email prior to the broadcast. You will need the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader - available free at  www.adobe.com.

$220.00/Members   $320.00/Non-Members   2. ON-DEMAND WEB LINK** AND FREE CD ROM*.  Can’t attend the live webinar? The ON-DEMAND WEB LINK** is an excellent option!  The link is a recording of the live webinar event including audio, visuals, and handouts. The presenter’s email address will also be provided for your follow-up questions. Within 5 business days following the Live Webinar, you will be provided with a web link that can be viewed 24/7 for the next 6 months. This link will expire 6 months after the live program date.  Post the link on your intranet for ease of access to all members.  AS AN ADDED BONUS, you will also receive a FREE audio/visual CD ROM.*  The CD includes the original audio/visual presentation, the Q&A sessions and the handouts. Use the on-demand web links as part of your training programs.   Listen on your electronic devices (iPad, iPhone, Android) with the Link/CD Rom option!

$330.00/Members   $430.00/Non-Members   3. BOTH LIVE WEBINAR AND ON-DEMAND WEB LINK**  INCLUDES FREE CD-ROM*. This choice Includes Options 1 and 2 above.

* CD Rom for PC use only  ** All materials are subject to copyright and intended for your bank’s use only.