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                             OFFER EXPIRES 4/30/2017

Finding and keeping top talent is high on the list of the many challenges Maine banks face. The pool of available candidates has shrunk exponentially over the last decade due to a number of factors, including changing demographics, negative press and increasing regulations. The solution is BankTalentHQ.

BankTalentHQ is designed as a talent management resource for the financial industry and is brought to you by the Maine Bankers Association in partnership with other state banking associations across the country. BankTalentHQ is the premier talent management site for financial industry careers.

The main focus for the website, located at, will be the job board, which will allow you to post job openings for your institutions with the ability to purchase a single 30-day post or a discounted posting package to fill multiple vacancies. It will also allow internships to be posted at a discounted rate.

In order for the site to grow quickly, we need job posts from as many Maine banks as possible. The more jobs posted, the easier it will be to build the talent pool of resumes. Therefore, for a limited time we will be offering FREE postings for MBA and Affiliate Members via the Discount Code above. This offer will expire 4/30/2017.